Sunday, April 18, 2010

The night I became two years older.

I am sorry I haven't posted. It's a long story about watercolors, stupid people from Texas, and my wonderful Daddy.

Another thing missed in my sad hiatus was the news that I received my mission call to Boston Massachusetts. Yay! But most of you know this already.
It is because of the timing of my leaving, because of the fact that I will be gone for two of my birthdays that I post this. So here is the story:

My two bestest friends in the world since I was just a tyke are Jaq and Deena. We still get together sometimes, twice a month or so. They really are great friends, but if I told you all the great things I thought about them, This would be a really really long post.

Last night we got together again. We were meeting at my apartment and I figured we'd catch a movie and go out to eat or sumthin. But when I opened the door, there they were with a big sheet cake and even bigger grins.


I was confused. It wasn't my birthday. But they called me silly, reassured me that I was mistaken and that I was now twenty two. I started to object when they gave me a bunch of presents.
Well, if they were going insane, who was I to object, right?

So after presents were open and great big hugs were given around, they both exchanged a look and said,

"We forgot something in the car, wait right there, and we be back"

and they giggled and left.
I wasn't suspicious, I was playing with my new toys. They seemed to take a awfully long time when all the sudden they knocked again.
"Come in!" says I.
They knock again.
"It's open!" I churp.
Again, an insistent knock.
so I get up and answer it.

"Wow, It's amazing another year has flown by!"
"I can't believe you're all ready twenty three!"
"Finally, you're older than both of us!"
"You don't look a day older!"
They brought in another sheet cake and more presents. They had even changed clothes, even down to wearing different jewelry to show that time had passed.
I would post the picture of the other cake, but somehow, my camera didn't save it. But it was awesome. It had a ninja on it. And he was kibitzing.
Instead, I'll post pictures of my great friends:

This is Deena. Yes, she really is that adorable, and do ask her about her horrible plan, it's awesome.

This is Jaq. If her eyes look red, it's not the picture. they really are red. And she really is eating the skittles, bag and all. She's a vampire who is on the wagon, and sometimes she gets these urges...

Anyway, needless to say, I don't feel as though I've accomplished anything in my twenty second year. It went by so fast.

But it was the best double birthday I'd ever had! we wrecked a journal (a post for another time?)
watched condorman, and sacrificed a ninja to the bowl of Dark M&Ms.

Thanks to my awesome friends. They really mean a lot to me. I'll miss them when I go on my mission.


  1. it's all fun and games until someone sacrifices a ninja...

  2. Happy birthday...twice! Dude you have some cool friends.

  3. You have the coolest friends EVER!

    Tell them I'll be leaving the country for a couple of years...

  4. How often in your life can you say that you were in cahoots with another evil genius and warped the time space continuum so that you could have a year or two pass in a matter of a few minutes. NYA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Very difficult, I assure you! Non-the-less how could I call myself a vampire if I couldn't do the simplest of evil genius projects for a fellow kibitzing quester. Our plans worked, of course, and it was awesome! Don't forgot the part about the fireworks we ordered for you =)! That was awesome! I have connections everywhere, as a vampire should really. =)

  5. It wonderful to have such great friends. Treasure them and the memories you make with them. That way someday you can tell your children all about the crazy things you use to do and they will look at you and know there was no way you were ever that loopy!