Friday, July 24, 2009

Cracking my toes

So I haven't written in a while. I blame that on us spiraling towards the sun. It has very obviously been a bad month for the earth, as it has for me.
I wish I could say I have something to write about, but I've been very lazy, sitting around watching episodes of Lost, which I don't like very much, and cracking my toes. Why was I watching Lost if I don't like it very much? well, I think I'll blame it on the earth spiraling towards the sun. Besides, they all have such messed up lives, it's like watching a plane wreck. Ha! That's kind of funny.

I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter 6 when it first came out. It was fun. I had never gone to a midnight showing before.
There was a reason.
I noticed there were a lot of people who had forgotten to take their monthly shower lined up with me. Dressed up in their gryffindor t-shirts and a lightning bolt scar drawn on their foreheads. As One of my sisters read a book, and the other was being cornered by a guy who thought she was cute, I noticed a group of teenagers with giant Harry Potter bags and they were peeking inside and giggling.
I am naturally curious, and was very conveniently bored, so I inched back until I could hear what they were saying.
"I don't think they'll let us in with it." said one girl dressed as Harry.
"Well, just keep it in the bag and they won't notice." Said a boy dressed as Hermione. They were pretty weird.
"I dunno, it won't stay cold for long." Said one who was generically Hogwarts. I couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl.
They shifted the contents of the bag. and I saw a package of oreos and a half gallon of milk.
So they were smuggling milk into the theaters. The problem was, that that was very obviously all they had. No cups. How were they going to dunk their cookies? The milk hole is too small, believe me I've tried.
I was gagging at visions of oreo laden backwash when the line moved and we entered the theater.
The guy who thought my sister was cute opened the door for her and not for my other sister and me. rude. I suppose it's what I get for having cute sisters.
I hope you had a great month, I'll try to post more!


  1. actually it is possible to dunk it... It takes talent.

  2. Maybe they were just going to mash up all the cookies and shove them in the gallon -- then drink it.

    I still haven't seen HP6, and my oldest two remind me of it every day.

  3. Amateurs! I think we could do this oreo and milk thing right. And I think we should try.

  4. I'm still trying to get past the drinking milk out of the bottle. I don't even want to go to the Oreo thing. Oreo backwash?! Gag!

  5. Steps for dunking Oreos in a milk bottle:

    1. Pick an Oreo and resize. Just nibble at the edges until it will easily fit through the bottle opening.
    2. Place Oreo in a set of tongs.
    3. Dunk Oreo
    4. Fish around in the bottle for the Oreo because you dropped it.
    5. Realize that the Oreo is now too soggy to pick up with tongs.
    6. Goto step 1.

    There. Simplicity itself. Thanks for the post, Sarah, it made me laugh!