Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So I have been getting more and more wrong numbers asking for Kristen. Okay, only three, but the point is, I have found out, through a misdirected text that Kristen and Josh are now together. That's right! Josh from Lagoon who hitches rides off of random parents! Kristen is a lucky girl. I cannot help but think I had something to do with their good fortune.
I hope they mention me at their wedding.


  1. Maybe they'll name their first child 'Sarah'...

  2. Perhaps they will name their first child 25 cents...

  3. This could be turned into a soap opera if you get creative. Let's see, 'As Lagoon Turns' or Romancing the Wrong Number' or My Mistaking Matchmaker'. This could turn out to be much too much fun.