Thursday, October 8, 2009

I am the phantom of the e-mail.

I'm so wicked.
A while ago, I played a trick on my little sister.
Sometimes, she checks her e-mail on my computer and the password pops up whenever you type in her user name. One day, just as a joke, I logged in and changed her background. I didn't read any e-mails or anything. A couple of weeks later, out of curiosity, I log in again to find she had changed it back. I changed it again. This went on for a month or so before I decided to take it to the next level.
I logged in and wrote an e-mail to that same account saying,
"This is the ghost of your e-mail. You shall do what I say."
And I sent it.
She put it in Spam.
Giggling, I took it out of spam and wrote another one saying,
"I am not spam! I am the ghost of your e-mail and you can not escape me! Bwahahahahahaha!
ps, Bwahahahahahaha!!!"
I figured that after that she'd dismiss it as a joke, I didn't think hackers had a sense of humor.
She put me in Spam again.
This time I wrote,
"If you put me in Spam one more time, I shall put a curse on you family! Answer me!"
By this time, I was throughly enjoying myself.
As it so happened, I visited my sister that next weekend. I had brought my computer, and was trying to log in to her account again when I discovered she had changed the password. Bummed, I went to my other little sister to ask what it was, and when she didn't know, I thought I'd go directly to the source. When I gently broached the subject of e-mail passwords, little sister the first looked at me with big eyes and whispered,
"I think someone is trying to steal my identity! They keep logging in and sending me e-mails!"
Trying desperately to keep a straight face, I asked,
"So, what's you're new password?"
"Oh, it's--" and then she saw my face.
The gag was up.
I think she threatened to not talk to me for a week, but she eventually forgave me. The moral of this story is, if there is a mysterious person e-mailing you from your own account, it's probably me. Don't change your password.


  1. It would have been really funny if you were sending emails as her "future" self, telling her to do stuff to avoid catastrophe. I wonder if she would have done it?

  2. That was mean, I was genuinely freaked. Hrumph. Oh well, I guess it was pretty funny.

  3. I remember that... that was funny =D

  4. I want you to know Sarah, that you gave your parents some serious heartburn with that little trick! You character!