Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Want to hear a joke?

So four girls are at a singles activity. They don't know each other very well, but they all happen to be standing together. Suddenly, from the north, a giant beam of light appears stretching from the ground to the heavens.
The first girl falls to her knees and shouts,
"It's the second coming!" she then proceeds to pray for forgiveness for all the things she's ever done wrong.
The second girl started crying and reading her scriptures, cramming, as it were, for the eternal test.
The third girl glances up at the beam of light and merely grunts.
"Why," said the fourth girl to the third girl "do you not think it's the second coming?"
The third girl rolls her eyes and says, "Not unless Jesus is going to Weber State University first. That's their *moon spot."
The fourth girl looked down at the now confused repentant girls and laughed really really hard.

I was that fourth girl.

I suppose there should have been some immortal lesson about being prepared with maybe a ten virgins analogy thrown in, but I was too busy laughing.

*Weber state has a spotlight they shine up to the moon to measure the distance between here and there. But it can easily be mistaken for the pillar of light often associated with celestial descents. It also has been used to call Utah's own vigilante when it's cloudy.


  1. Please tell me this really happened! That would be priceless!!!

  2. It really happened. It was back when I was at the home singles ward. It has been exaggerated for effect, but they seriously thought it was the second coming. It was really funny.

  3. Wait, if it was at the home singles ward, then i know these people... gosh... who could it be...

  4. You should post more often. I love reading your blog.