Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm so cool

I was given a Kreativ Blog tag. A "golden star" if you will. I was tagged my none other than my amazing sister, Heather, whose blog not only inspires me but fills me with a overpowering and nearly indecent urge to dance. weird, huh? She is an amazing artist and I recommend you all take a look at her blog, it's amazing. She is the most Talented artist I know (yes, with a capital T) granted, I don't know very many artists...
Anyway, thank you Heather. I started this blog only two months ago, and I'm already getting awards for it. This means I'm on track for winning the Nobel Peace Prize by next year.
Tradition states that I need to give seven things that make me happy, and tag seven people. Here goes.
1-Stories. Tales. Scenes. Anything that tells you something. I love to listen to peoples stories, I love to tell stories, I love to read stories, especially to someone. I'm not a purist when it comes to this. I will get my stries any way I can. Books, friends, movies, teleivision, theatre, it doesn't matter.

2-Hats. I love hats. I collect them. Or, I used to. There was something really great about dressing up in a hat and pretending you were a viking, or a pirate, or mexican who sparatically threw down their hat and did the sombrero dance they learned in third grade.

3-Making people laugh. Fooling them into thinking I'm clever.

4-Weekends at home.

5-Performing. Singing, dancing, acting, whatever. As long as I'm playing a role. I can't talk in front of a group of over five unless I'm on stage. odd.

6-Ice Cream. It's like a drug.


as for the seven blogs I want to tag...
Heather of course, for her marvelous personality and great story. Rachel, who is always so funny and so intelligent. Obviously too intelligent for America. Mary and Scott Wolford who are the best, really. My Dipped in Bronze writing group, the greatest and most prestigeous in the world! and...I'm afraid my friends with blogs are limited, so I recommend the following three: Toon Club, which is always fun to look at. and Imaginism Studios. And...well, that's it, I'm pretty pathetic, but I love you all!

post script, I am by no means an artist. I just like to look at all the cool art and wish I could draw.


  1. ooh! A shiny tag! Thanks, Sarah!

  2. ha ha ha! sarah you are so clever!

  3. Thanks Sarah. You are clever -- no tricking involved! In fact, when we were painting Mom's room we chatted about how funny your nun-police story was and I had to stop painting 'cause I was laughing so hard. I could hardly breathe.