Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My shoes are falling apart

So, today, I canceled My Gym membership. I called them up and told them they could find another perky overweight socially inept potential sucker, I'm through!
I'm taking the break up rather well.
I spent two hours on the phone trying to get some information. I finally did, after calling the machine several inappropriate names and leaving six messages.
And my shoes are falling apart.
But today has been a great day!
I guess I should yell at answering machines more often.


  1. yelling at machines really does help... did you get your money back?

  2. I joined a ladies' gym once. It was a big old mansion right behind the DI in Ogden. Inside -- no joke -- everything was carpeted in purple. Thick, plush, dark purple. Each room had a different set of strange, prehistoric equipment. The treadmills were like a conveyor belt with handles -- no electricity, just your calves to power it. Ouch.
    The lady that owned it was an older, purple-blue afro, purple skin-tight-get-up wearer. She would come in and yell at you if you were doing it wrong. I think she didn't mean to yell, but, well, she was old.

    Stayed there a year and a half, but only went once or twice a week. Ahh. Good times.

  3. Okay -- that last comment wasn't left by Scott, but by me, Mary. I didn't realize I was on Scott's login, but now that I read the post with his name at the top, I can't stop giggling.

    "I joined a ladie's gym once..."

    Maybe I'll always post under his login!!