Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Of meatballs and steampunk

So I made meatballs today.
They were slightly burnt and tasteless.
My sisters are so sweet. They looked at the meatballs, looked at each other, and then said "Oh Sarah, these look so good!" Then they proceeded to eat them. Not gagging or anything, because they weren't that bad, but taking three each and eating them with great gusto, then after dinner, looking at them, looking at each other, and saying "That was really great Sarah, you're the best!" before retreating to their rooms to scrape their tongues off.
I have the best sisters.
I don't consider the meal a waste, however because as I was taking the last batch off of the stove and putting it into a container to save where it will rot in the fridge until I turn it up in three months, covered in mold, I happened to pop one burning hot morsel into my mouth.
Yeah, I'm smart like that.
Anyway, as I exhaled in the gush of pain I was feeling, I noticed that steam was coming out of my mouth. Pain forgotten, I exhaled again. More steam. So I became giddy. I giggled, and the steam came out in little puffs, which made me giggle some more, but by now the meatball had cooled off and I found only my invisible breath. lame. Either way, I'm glad that I was a steam exhaling genius for five seconds of my life.
Which brings me to Steampunk. For those out there who don't know what steampunk is, It is a genre of fantasy. A sort of victorian-edwardian-industrial revolutionary period fantasy. With lots of cogs and gears and flying airships and gadgetry. I love it. Partially because flying airships mean flying pirates. Treasure planet is Steampunk, as is Stardust, Howls Moving Castle, and Series of Unfortunate Events. All of which are pretty good.
I plan to write a book in steampunk. Well, sort of. It is an epic, partially in steampunk england, partially in revolutionary france, and partially in storybook germany. No gentle readers, it is not a time travel saga. It is simply the control the magic holds over the certain lands. I hope that it won't be too different. Here's hoping!

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